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Jon started go-karting at the age of seven through his father, who is a keen racer and winner of three championships in Malaysia. After two-and-a-half years of training, Jon entered his first race in Malaysia – 2009 PLUS Micromax Championship. Despite his commitment to his studies, he managed to compete in five rounds of races and finished the championship in overall sixth position – second among the Singapore drivers. His proudest achievement in 2009 was finishing in third position at the “Red White Sangari International Invitational Kart Prix” race in Malaysia from 21-22 November 2009.

Organised by the Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA), the inaugural Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship 2010 made it easier for Jon to compete with minimum interruption to his studies. Held at Kartright Speedway, Jon had finished no lower than second placing in all five rounds of the championships and eventually clinched the championship title in the Cadet Category.

The Year of the Rabbit (2011) in the Chinese zodiac was a very meaningful year for Jon. His zodiac sign is also the rabbit and indeed, the auspicious year helped Jon to secure his second cadet championship (back to back) in the Singapore Karting Championship (SKC). Comparing all five rounds of SKC across all five classes, Jon set two records by winning eight race finals out of 10, and also scored the highest number of points – 190 in total. However, due to his preparation for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), Jon only managed to participate in four overseas races and secured podiums in the Rotax Invitational Race and All Stars Karting (round 1).

Two remarkable highlights in 2011 were being invited to “Learn to Fly with Qantas Ambassador Mark Webber” on 22 September, and winning the “Breakfast with Outstanding Kids” by NESTLE® Breakfast Cereals. In addition, Jon was awarded the “Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursary” for achieving excellent academic results (top 10% PSLE results in his school). This just shows that Jon has perfected the art of balancing his go-karting activities and studies.

2012 saw two new changes for Jon as he started his first year in Victoria School (new inaugural 6-year programme VCA IP) and advanced to the more competitive go-karting junior category.

Despite the new changes, he managed to receive the “Edusave Good Progress Award 2012” jointly sponsored by the Edusave Endowment Fund, South East CDC and Joo Chiat Citizens’ Consultative Committee. He was also awarded a gold medal by Victoria School for being the top student Home Economics. In addition, he secured overall third position in his first attempt to complete the entire season of Asian Karting Open Championship 2012 (AKOC).

Receiving the “Outstanding Performance” award from SMSA on 16 January 2013 was an important recognition which further encouraged Jon to continue working hard and fly the Singapore flag high. 2013 had been a very hectic year for Jon as he competed in the most number of races (14). In total, he won one race and grabbed eight podiums.
Jon had a great ‘drive’ to kick-start 2014 as he was featured in a Starhub advertisement where he talked about his sporting hero in a series of 60-second vignettes (commercials). The campaign told the story of how Jon transformed his dream from “It’s never too young to dream” as a speaker at TEDxYouth@Singapore 2012 to “Dreams should be free”.

After six rounds of intensive racing, Jon was placed 16th out of 47 drivers in the Rotax Max Challenge Asia 2014, and first among the group of karters from Singapore. Although 2014 did not start off well for Jon due to a major accident sustained during round 1 of the Pre-final where he tore his leg muscle, we are hopeful the worst is behind him and believe the experience has only made him stronger mentally and physically.

2015 ended on a very high note for Jon as he secured two championships and was crowned the overall champion in ROK Cup (Senior DVS) and X30 Challenge (Junior), under the huge support and sponsorship from Team TP CRG and Mr Lawrence Soh. The wins gave him the golden opportunity to represent Singapore to race in the ROK Cup International Final which was held in October 2015 at South Garda Karting Italy and the X30 World Finals, which is scheduled to take place in October 2016, in France.

Another new chapter has begun for Jon in 2016 as he is now in Victoria Junior College. With a heavier work load in school, he can only remain competitive by racing in Singapore. Stay tuned for more updates!

YEAR 2009

PLUS Rotax Max Challenge

– Round 1 – 7th

– Round 2 – 7th

– Round 3 – 14th

– Round 4 – 16th

– Round 5 – 7th

(pictures of the race can be viewed here…(My Gallery) and here…(www.vimeo.com))

For the Year 2009, overall achieved 6th (out of 26) position in Rotax MicroMax Challenge.

Red White Sangari Int’l Invitational Kart Prix – 3rd Position

– Malaysia, 21-22 November 2009

– Prize: cash US$2000

A total of 33 racers from 7 countries (namely, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) competed in the Rotax Micromax category

pictures of the race can be viewed here…(My Gallery) and here…(www.racerevo.com)

YEAR 2010

Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship

– Round 1 – 1st

– Round 2 – 2nd

– Round 3 – 2nd

– Round 4 – 1st

– Round 5 – 1st

Crowned 2010 Cadet Champion in Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship

KRS-KKS Rotax Max Challenge

– Round 4 – 8th

– Round 5 – 5th

Asian Karting Open Championship

– Round 4 – 14th

Yamaha SL International Challenge – DNF

– Malaysia, 25-28 November 2010

YEAR 2011

Rotax Invitational Race – 3rd Position

– Malaysia, 8-9 January 2011

pictures of the race can be viewed here…(My Gallery) , here…(www.eikoms.com) ,

here…(facebook of KartingAsia.com) and here…(facebook of KartingAsia.com) Part 2

Rotax Malaysia and Asia 2011

Round 1 – 6th

All Stars Karting 2011 (previously known as Yamaha SL Malaysia)

Round 1 – 2nd

AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011

Round 1 – 1st

Round 2 – 2nd

Round 3 – 1st

Round 4 – 1st

Round 5 – 1st

Crowned 2011 Cadet Champion in AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship

BMS Rok Cup 2011 (WSK Singapore Race) – 1st Position

26-27 November 2011

Asian Karting Open Championship

Round 5 – 7th

YEAR 2012

Rotax Max Challenge 2012

Round 1 – 22nd (out of 34)

Singapore Karting Championship 2012

Round 1 – 2nd

Round 2 – 4th

Round 3 – 1st

Overall 2nd Place.

Asian Karting Open Championship 2012

Round 1 – 6th

Round 2 – 5th

Round 3 – 6th

Round 4 – 5th

Round 5 – 3rd

For the Year 2012, overall achieved 3rd (out of 17) position in AKOC, Formula 125 Junior open category.

Received “Outstanding Performance” Award from Singapore Motor Sports Association.

YEAR 2013

OTK-RN Singapore Karting Enduro 2013 – 3rd Position
19 January 2013

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013

Round 1 – 21st (out of 32)

Round 2 – 8th (out of 34)

Round 3 – 23rd (out of 31)

Round 5 – 12th (out of 33)

2013 RMC Asia Championship standings, despite missing two rounds, Jon is in position 19th (among a total of 50 drivers).

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013

Round 1 – 2nd

Round 2 – 3rd

Round 3 – 3rd

Round 4 – 2nd

Round 5 – 2nd

For the Year 2013, overall achieved 3rd position in AKOC, Formula 125 Junior open category.

Singapore Karting Championship 2013

Round 3 – 1st

Round 4 – 2nd

Received “Best Presented” Award.

Rotax Max Race 2013 (Japan)

Round 5 – DNF (pictures of the race can be viewed here… (Jon’s Photo Gallery), here… (www.eikoms.com Part 1) and here… (www.eikoms.com Part 2).

Xeramic Challenge 2013 – 2nd

15 December 2013, Malaysia

YEAR 2014

Rotax Invitational Race Malaysia 2014 – 10th Position (out of 27)

18 January 2014, Malaysia

Asia Max Challenge 2014

Round 1 – 18th (out of 33)

Round 2 – 17th (out of 32)

Round 3 – 24th (out of 35)

Round 4 – 24th (out of 31)

Round 5 – 22nd (out of 25)

Round 6 – 17th (out of 30)

For the Year 2014, overall achieved 16th position (out of 47 and first among the group of karters from Singapore).

Singapore Karting Championship 2014

Round 2 – 1st

Round 3 – 1st

Round 4 – 1st

Round 5 – 1st

Crowned 2014 Junior Champion in Singapore Karting Championship

Kartright Community Challenge – 1st

5 July 2014, Singapore

YEAR 2015

Rotax Invitational Race 2015 – 10th (out of 28)

24-25 January 2015, Malaysia

Asia Max Challenge 2015

Round 1 – 15th (out of 20)

Round 2 – 8th (out of 21)

Round 4 – 11th (out of 20)

ROK Cup 2015

Round 1 – 4th

Round 2 – 3rd

Round 3 – 2nd

Round 4 – 4th

Senior DVS – Overall Champion

Challenge Trophy Senior DVS Overall Champion

SMSA Overall Senior DVS Champion

X30 Challenge 2015

Round 1 – 1st

Round 2 – 5th

Round 3 – 2nd

Round 4 – 3rd

Crowned 2015 Junior Champion in X30 Challenge

Rok Cup International Final – 37th (out of 52)

14-16 October 2015, South Garda Karting Italy

Bridgestone Trophy – 3rd (out of 18)

17 October 2015, South Garda Karting Italy

KF1 Karting Challenge (Endurance race)- 2nd overall

24 October 2015, Singapore

Wunderbar Grand Prix – 1st

31 December 2015, Singapore

Received “Outstanding Achievement” Award from Singapore Motor Sports Association.

YEAR 2016

X30 Challenge 2016

Round 1 – 4th

Round 2 – 2nd

Round 3 – 4th

Round 4 – 9th

Round 5 – 10th

Overall – 3rd (out of 26)

Asia Max Challenge 2016

Round 3 – 7th

STC ROK Cup 2016

Round 4 – 1st

Round 5 – 4th

2016 STC Rok Cup Championship standings, despite missing three rounds, Jon is in position 4th (among a total of 31 drivers).

YEAR 2017

X30 Asia Cup 2017 – 4th (out of 24)

18-19 February 2017, Malaysia

X30 Southeast Asia 2017

Round 1 – 7th (out of 23)

Round 2 – 7th (out of 24)

Round 3 – 4th (out of 19)

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