Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot
31 May 2016, KF1 Circuit

An impromptu arrangement with Mr Bernard Seah has led to a photo shoot for Jon on and off track just before round 3 of X30 Challenge 2016 (X30).
Special thanks to Bernard for his amazing work. Here are some shots of Jon in his Energy Corse Asia go-kart suit.

After completing two rounds of X30 where he finished fourth in round 1 and second in round 2, Jon currently stands at fourth position in the championship. We wish him all the best in securing the overall championship title.

Thanks to wfp_monsterz for helping Jon with his kart testing.
Do check out Bernard Seah’s Photojournals’s Facebook page – this page is dedicated to my love and passion for freezing the moment. There are many more awesome pictures to admire.

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